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Are you aware of the risk factors of halitosis and what you need to do to prevent it? Halitosis, also known as bad breath, is commonly caused by bacteria in your mouth producing foul odors. Thus, foul odors are often the key indication that halitosis is present. However, halitosis is not always caused by bacteria in your mouth; it can even be linked to an underlying condition deep within your body.

Halitosis has numerous causes that contribute to its presence. If you are taking any medications, there is a chance that it could produce bad breath as a side effect. In addition, if your oral health care has begun to wane and plaque buildup has begun to take hold in your mouth, you’ll be at an increased risk for halitosis.

Several underlying conditions in your body can contribute to bad breath. Even though they do not arise in your mouth, they can contribute to it nonetheless. This includes issues such as kidney malfunctions, liver problems, and respiratory tract infections.

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