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If you wish to improve your smile in the future, always assess any risk factors that may be present, as well as eliminate any forms of damage that currently exist. Restorations are extremely beneficial for providing you the smile you need. Most importantly, always have a complete smile so if you do have any lost or missing teeth, visit your dentist for a tooth prosthetic treatment to replace them as soon as possible. One highly effective treatment that has been proven to provide support for your oral health for many years is a dental bridge.

Dental bridges, also known as fixed partial dentures are tooth restoration prosthetics that are designed to fit in the gaps were missing teeth once were. They are anchored permanently to nearby or neighboring teeth to ensure that zero food restrictions will be needed and teeth that may have been at risk for moving out of their alignment will be held solid.

In many situations, dental bridges can actually improve the aesthetics of your smile and even reverse negative effects that may arise. This can include restoring any functions associated with chewing, eating and speaking properly. If you have suffered tooth loss to your upper front teeth, your speech may have been modified. However, once they are replaced with dental bridges, your speech may return to normal.

Dental bridges are known for the durability and can last several decades before repairs or replacements may ever be needed. Furthermore, they are extremely beneficial for space maintenance as tooth slippage will be minimized. Dental bridges also distribute bite forces across your entire dental profile.

Improve your oral health care with dental bridges. If you want to experience the joys of a dental bridge treatment from Southport Dental, simply call Dr. Larry Hemby and our team at 910-457-5026 to set up an appointment at our dentist office in Southport, North Carolina. We look forward to hearing from you.