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Losing a tooth to oral injury or disease can tremendously impact your life, and not in a positive way. Teeth provide you with the ability to chew, as well as use proper speech and maintain your facial shape. When a tooth is lost, it can result in decreased self-confidence and a higher risk of developing other dental issues. You can bridge the gap between you and a full smile by receiving a custom-made dental bridge.

Southport Dental offers dental bridges as an option for tooth replacement for patients who have missing teeth. These dental appliances are made created from quality materials such as gold and porcelain, and they can fit seamlessly between your existing teeth. Dental bridges consist of two dental crowns sandwiching a false tooth called a pontic.

To have a dental bridge created, we take impressions of your existing teeth and the tooth gap to provide models for the appliance. Then, we recontour the teeth that will support the dental crowns so that they can accommodate these restorations. When the bridge has been built, we will ensure everything fits correctly before cementing the bridge into place.

Following the completion of your dental bridge procedure, you can once again swallow, chew, and speak with ease. We encourage you to eat softer foods initially until the bridge feels natural, and keep your bridge and natural teeth in good shape so that tooth decay and gum disease can’t affect your new smile.

Schedule a consultation at Southport Dental by calling 910-457-5026 today so that you can speak with our dentist about receiving a dental bridge in Southport, North Carolina. Our dentists, Dr. Larry Hemby and Dr. L.D. Williams, would be happy to answer any questions you have!