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For some people when they think of first-aid it conjures up images of sprained ankles, cuts, bumps, and bruises. However, the mouth is just as vulnerable to trauma as any other part of the body. This is especially true for athletes and people who struggle to break bad oral habits.

Our team would like to share a few basic oral care items for your first aid kits to help you be better prepared for bad situations.

Stocking all your first-aid kits with waxed dental floss is a very inexpensive way to make sure you are prepared to remove an object that is stuck between teeth or lodged in the gumline. The special coating can help insert the strand to reduce the chances of injuring your gums. You might also want to include a small floss threader in the kit.

Sometimes severe dental trauma can sever the periodontal ligaments that anchor a tooth in the socket. If the tooth is knocked out cleanly and kept alive we might be able to install it back into your gums.

You can keep the tooth alive by holding it between your tongue and cheek of using one of the tooth-perseveration products sold in stores. The container holds a Hanks Balanced Salt Solution that can help nourish the tooth’s living cells while you seek emergency dental care.

It could also be helpful to keep a few salt packets and a plastic cup in your first-aid kits. This can help you prepare a quick saltwater rinse to help clear blood and debris from your mouth. Topical oral analgesic could also help partially numb traumatized soft oral tissues for a short time.

If you live in the Southport, North Carolina, area and you have suffered an oral trauma, you should call 910-457-5026 to seek treatment from the specialists at Southport Dental. Dr. Larry Hemby and Dr. L.D. Williams are here for your smile!