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It is important to always stop and take the time to assess your oral health care and any oral health risks that are present. There are numerous causes in our world that can lead to dental damage and even more that can result in blunt trauma or oral accidents and injuries. Thus, it is important to make sure you are exercising caution in your day-to-day life to ensure all activities are safe and the risk to your smile is minimized.

Guarding your smile often includes dental damage prevention treatments. This includes planning for any forms of dental damage that we arise, including through bad and unhealthy habits that you may keep. To help enhance your lifestyle and your oral health, avoid smoking, chewing tobacco, or using drugs. All three habits are severely debilitating, can be extremely addictive, and can destroy your smile. Apart from causing stained teeth and bad breath, they can severely hinder your oral health by causing devastating infections, tooth loss, and cancer.

Another form of oral health ailment that can arise due to lifestyle choices comes about by wearing mouth jewelry. Mouth jewelry consists of lip and tongue rings that are placed in your mouth. However, they can cause nerve damage, pose as choking hazards, lead to chipped and cracked teeth, cause oral inflammation, and even cause infectious diseases such as hepatitis and endocarditis to come about. Thus, exercise caution with all forms of mouth jewelry.

Dental damage can easily occur due to oral accidents and injuries presented by contact sports and other similar high-risk activities. Thus, it is important to always wear the necessary safety gear if you are involved with any sports. Sports are often a leading cause of numerous injuries including oral health injuries. Thus, it is important to always wear the necessary safety gear such as mouth guards, face masks, and helmets at all times.

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