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How would you classify your oral health? Do you have any teeth that are damaged or worn down? Have you visited your dentist recently for an examination or checkup? If you do require additional tooth restorations, speak with your dentist about the possibility of a dental crown. Dental crowns are highly effective tooth restorations that not only improve the look of teeth, but they can also provide added protection down to the gum line for all sides of the tooth.

Dental crowns also highly effective procedures for individuals who have prior tooth restorations such as dental bridges, dental implants, and root canals. Not only can they safely shield your teeth, but they can protect the restoration treatments as well. Dental crowns are also highly effective at holding together dental fillings and teeth in situations where not enough tooth remains to hold the filling by itself. There are instances where bits of teeth have even been fused back together and held together with a dental crown to create a practical tooth once more.

If you have suffered any broken teeth, or were the victim of an oral accident, dental erosion, tooth decay, stains or discolorations, or any other ailment that has left your teeth in less than optimum condition, a dental crown may be useful. Dental crowns can often be credited with keeping teeth healthy in your mouth that otherwise would need to be taken out and removed.

If you would like to have a dental crown examination by our team at Southport Dental, please book an appointment with Dr. Larry Hemby and Dr. L.D. Williams at our dentist office.  To set up a visit with our dentist in Southport, North Carolina, please contact us at 910-457-5026.