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If you are missing teeth, you understand the embarrassment and lack of self-confidence they can cause, but Southport Dental is here to assure you that you have several options to when it comes to tooth replacement, and we can describe the specific benefits of each, especially dental implants. Below you can find basic but important information on dental implants and how they are used to improve your smile.

Dental implants can feel very natural in your smile because they are extremely durable and designed to last for years. Because they are custom designed, dental implants can match the size, shape, and color of your surrounding teeth. However, keep in mind that though dental implants are tough, they can still be chipped, cracked, or worn over time, though the replacement process is fairly simple.

Your dental implants are placed in your jawbone by an oral surgeon so that, while this may sound intimidating, they can stimulate bone growth and prevent the bone from being lost due to missing teeth.

With a new dental implant, you can chew and eat as you normally would, as well as full pronounce your words sharply. This is all thanks to the sturdy placement of your dental implants in the jawbone.

The presence of a dental implant in your smile means it’s important to maintain proper dental care so that your implant is in good shape. We encourage you to avoid any tobacco products, receive regular dental checkups from the dentist, and thoroughly clean your smile every day at home.

If you would like to hear more about dental implants in Southport, North Carolina, from our experienced dentist, Dr. Larry Hemby, please feel free to schedule a visit to Southport Dental by contacting us at 910-457-5026 today.