Temporary inlays and onlays are only designed to last for a few weeks, and keeping them on your tooth for too long can damage the tooth.  When you receive a temporary inlay or onlay, we recommend that you:

  • Make sure to have your next appointment scheduled so that your permanent restoration can be placed
  • Do not chew anything too hard or sticky
  • Do not floss around your temporary restoration
  • If your temporary inlay or onlay comes out, call us so that we can replace it. Temporary restorations do serve a purpose in helping prevent your adjacent teeth from drifting and in holding the place of your permanent restoration, so please do not ignore it if it becomes dislodged.

Some sensitivity to temperature and chewing pressure is normal.  You may also feel that your temporary restoration is a little rough to your tongue, or that it looks a little unusual.  Do not worry, the permanent restoration fabricated in the lab will be much smoother and more tooth-like.

For more information about post-treatment care for temporary inlays and onlays, and to make your follow-up appointment with Dr. Larry Hemby and Dr. L.D. Williams, please call Southport Dental today at 910-457-5026.