Temporary crowns and bridges are placed while your permanent restorations are being completed.  If you receive a temporary crown or bridge, our dentists recommend that you:

  • Avoid eating for at least 1 hour after your treatment, until the anesthesia has worn off
  • Avoid chewing sticky foods such as gum or taffy, or anything very crunchy
  • Brush your teeth normally, but when flossing slice the floss out below the point of contact rather than popping it up through the contact point between the teeth
  • If your temporary comes off between appointments, slip it back on and call our office to have us recement it into place – in the meantime, use a little denture adhesive or toothpaste inside the crown to hold it in place

You will experience sensitivity, especially to cold, while you are wearing the temporary.  Avoid extremely hot or cold beverages during this time.  Your gums may also be sensitive.  You can rinse with warm salt water (8 oz. of water with ½ teaspoon of salt) or use a mild pain reliever to increase your comfort.

Call Southport Dental at 910-457-5026 for more information about post-treatment instructions for temporary crowns and bridges and to schedule your follow-up appointment with Dr. Larry Hemby and Dr. L.D. Williams in Southport, North Carolina.