Southport Dental features a Planmeca 3D X-ray machine for taking digital impressions and imaging.  Using this 3D technology, Dr. Larry Hemby and Dr. L.D. Williams can view complete images of the inside of your mouth and more effective plan and perform your treatments.  We invite you to call us at 910-457-5026 to make your appointment with our skilled dentists and learn more about Planmeca intraoral imaging in Southport, North Carolina.

Planmeca imaging technology is a powerful tool for capturing, enhancing, and analyzing images of your mouth.  This device gives our dentists an immediate overview of your mouth, allowing both our patients and our dentists and team to instantly view high-quality images from several different types of projections, including panoramic images and cross-sectional pieces.  Images are also easily shareable, and can be seamlessly transferred to mobile devices or partner clinics to ensure that your doctors always have the most up-to-date information.

This imaging technology aids our dentists in distinguishing between healthy and infected tissue, helps us map out your mouth and plan more precise and effective treatment, and create appliances that fit well and give you back a healthy and functional smile.

To learn more about Planmeca’s world-leading imaging software and schedule your consultation with our dental professionals, please contact our office today.