Occasionally, people hear about biofilm as a type of health threat. As part of our commitment to our patients, our dentists and team ensure that our water lines are free from biofilm so that you can enjoy a clean, safe environment when you visit Southport Dental for your dental treatments. To learn more about biofilm and your sterilization policies, and to make your appointment with Dr. Larry Hemby and Dr. L.D. Williams in Southport, North Carolina, please contact our office at 910-457-5026.

The equipment used at our practice is connected to long, flexible tubes that deliver water to your mouth. Overnight or over the weekend, water trapped inside these dental water lines can be colonized by a thin layer of microorganisms, known as biofilm. Keeping our water lines free from biofilm is just as important as it is for you to keep your teeth free from plaque through regular brushing and flossing.

Each morning, all our water lines are cleared before the first patient arrives. We have equipped all our dental chairs with check valves to ensure that water line delivery goes only one way – into your mouth and down the drain.

We invite you to contact us today for more information about our sterilization policies and to schedule your appointment with our caring dentists.