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Each tooth in your mouth is enrobed with a strong layer of tooth enamel. This is what gives your teeth the durability to withstand the daily rigors of biting the foods you eat. Sometimes the tooth enamel can be compromised by a large cavity or dental fracture. When this happens you might experience discomfort, increased sensitivity or even notice a change in the tooth’s texture.

In a situation like this, you shouldn’t delay in seeking care at Southport Dental in Southport, North Carolina. If the area of compromised tooth enamel is small, our dentist might be able to repair it with a standard filling. However, a large area of damaged tooth enamel might require a total restoration with a crown.

This method of treatment is designed to completely replace the tooth’s enamel layer with another material. We use porcelain when restoring your teeth so that it can blend in seamlessly with your surrounding teeth for a durable yet natural appearance. 

If you live in the Southport, North Carolina area and have a tooth in need of treatment and restoration, we invite you to call 910-457-5026 and schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated dentists, Dr. Larry Hemby or Dr. L.D. Williams. At Southport Dental, we look forward to protecting your smile in the most appealing way possible!