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Does it seem like you get gingivitis a lot? There could be factors in your life that can increase your chances of developing gingivitis, which is a kind of periodontal disease. Gingivitis can typically be detected by gums that are red or swollen, could be tender and may bleed easily. However, gingivitis can also sneak up on you without causing discomfort, so it is important to notice changes in your gums because the infection may begin as a mild one, but it could become steadily worse without treatment.

If you use tobacco products or abuse other substances, you suffer from dry mouth or have ill-fitting dental restorations, your chances for developing gingivitis can increase. Hormonal changes, pregnancy, different diseases and medications can also elevate your risk level. However, perhaps the cause for gingivitis is due to poor dental hygiene.

Plaque, which is created when sugar and starch mix with the bacteria in your mouth, is removed when you brush and floss. Without doing this properly and faithfully, plaque can accumulate and become tartar, which can require Dr. Larry Hemby‘s help to remove. Plaque needs to be removed frequently as it can reform within 24 hours.

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